Which CO2 Laser Tube Is Best – DC Or RF?

Which CO2 Laser Tube Is Best – DC Or RF?

Which CO2 laser tube are you going to invest in? When it comes the time to buy a new CO2 laser tube, a lot of people can get a bit puzzled over which way to turn. There are some who seem to think RF tubes are better and others who say DC is better. It’s all confusing because they are both compatible with CO2 laser machines! However, which is the better option – the DC or the RF?

Cutting Performance

The DC and RF tubes are both able to offer a high quality cut. DC offers a smoother edge while the RF offers a slightly rough edge to its cut, although it’s not too worrying. Cutting performance might not seem overly important but it does matter. In a way, the DC has a slight edge with cutting performance but the RF is still an amazing option. RF is able to offer precision and effectiveness and that is so important also. When choosing new tubing for a CO2 laser cutter you have to think about what’s better for your requirements?

Engraving and Precision

The RF laser tubes often offer greater precision when it comes to engraving and cutting. That doesn’t mean to say the DC is not still a great choice because it is; however, sometimes the precision and engraving might be slightly enhanced through the RF laser tube. You want a CO2 laser tube which is going to offer the best engraving possible if engraving is the reason why you’re using the machine. DC tubes are good too, but as said, the RF has a slight advantage when it comes to precision work and fine etching and engraving.

Will All Laser Machines Do The Same No Matter The Laser Tube?

A lot of people think if they choose the wrong laser they will make a mess of the projects they’re undertaking. While it might appear that way on the surface, it’s not actually the case. Remember, CO2 laser cutters can work with a variety of materials and handle lots of different etching and engraving work. That doesn’t mean to say the machine won’t work if you choose a RF tube over a DC. However, it’s advised that you find the laser tube which is best for your chosen machine and projects. A CO2 laser cutter with a RF tube might be better than the DC at this time. Click here for more information.

Find the Best

You want your laser machine to look its best from start to finish, and while you might think any laser tube will do, think again. You have to be very careful over which laser tube you’re going to purchase because you have a few options to consider. RF and DC are excellent tubes, but you have to decide which is the very best for your needs now. You might have used one before, but does that make it right now? Of course not, and it’s important to take a moment back and think about which will work better with your machine. Find the right CO2 laser tube and make your projects a piece of cake.…