Different Uses of Laser Engraving

Different Uses of Laser Engraving

Laser engraving technique first came in the 1960s and it was mainly used for industrial application purposes. This method of cutting is very precise and at the same time reliable. Advancement in technology has transformed the potential of laser cutting and made it a reality. Manufacturing components have greatly benefited from this advancement because they can be able to use the same technology to render a design on a surface. The CO2 laser engraver plays a very crucial role today and more especially in industrial applications.

The technique is good for delicate and intricate patterns

Laser engraver plays a very crucial role in rendering designs and this role can only be played by a cutting or engraving machine. It is very useful when it comes to producing shapes that are complex and smooth. It also produces a clean cut that cannot be produced by any other machine and that is why most manufacturing or industrial components prefer the laser engraver. The potential is endless for signage whether you want the logo cut out or the fancy italic font.

They are used for cutting some materials

There are several materials that can be cut using the laser engraver. There are some plastics that can also be cut using the laser engraver such as those that do not contain chlorine such as acrylics. Some of those that can be cut using the laser engraver are some metals, fabric, leather, paper and card and many others. Some of the others that can be engraved are some stones including marble, slate, metals such as steel and brass and also glass. Read more!

Production services

The laser engraver are also used for a wide variety of production services. The laser based services such as manufacturing and industrial services are perfect and can be used for research and other projects that are for development purposes. They are used to enhance huge amounts of production runs making industrial services easier and faster. The process of laser engraving is known to be environmentally friendly, more lucrative and highly productive.


The main role of micromachining is to ensure that there are detailed and accurate miniature parts. Some of the things that it features are femoral exposure, DNA analysis, biotech substrate marketing, energy efficiency, micro fluid devices, surgical instrumentation, homeland security, neurosciences, radiology, semiconductors, neurosciences, angioplasty filters, implant devices, intravascular radiation, catheter hole drilling and many others.

Why is it necessary to use laser engraving?

Laser engraving is very advantageous because it does not conduct direct conduct with that surface that is being or that will be engraved. And due to this it will not be necessary to change the tools being used for engraving. The end result of this is that it saves money in the long run. Laser markings are done on different materials such as nickel, titanium, wood, plastics, stainless steel, silicon nitride, anodized aluminum, ceramics, platinum, silver, gold and many others.

Laser engraving services are offered by companies that use high innovative technology. This enables them to produce products that are of high quality and that meet the client expectations. You can know more at http://www.karitokids.com/productivity-increases-fiber-laser-cutting-thinner-materials/



Fiber cutting machine is used to cutting, folding, welding of metal to desired end products of one specification. Fiber laser has several features that help it to delivered desired results to the customers and the industry or factory that uses it. The features are neodymium, dysprosium, ytterbium and holmium that help it perform actions built for. There are several models or types of laser cutters that a hobbyist or business can utilitze depending on the kind of purpose and the level of operations one wants to use it for. There are those models that will be cost effective in terms of time taken to produce.  For this article we will look at metal cutting sheet metal and stainless steel.


The cost or price of a laser is always a consideration.  But, increased cost may lead to more efficiency in production and thus lower cost in the long term.  Using a fiber laser metal cutting machine is typically more efficient long term as far as cost is concerned.

Most factories or industries have in mind the projected profit that they may want to make after production. In industries that uses these fiber laser machine get value for their money by cutting the materials in thinner size so that it is easy to make products easier and cost effective. The cost friendly aspect comes in during the time of running and servicing the machine.

The fiber marker or cutter is made for high metal cutting precision and more modified since it has an automated handling system that can make it easy for the machine to continue cutting the sheets or materials overnight without even having people supervising or controlling it. That saves the amount that could have gone to pay workers to work overtime or at night. Also the automation reduces the large portion of work that could have been done they can load and unload the materials. The machine reduces the production costs because of the speed it uses to cut the materials hence triggering the price to be relatively affordable.


During production speed is of essence, the faster the machine produces a product the faster it hit the market hence returning the amount spent during production and the profit. The thinner materials are faster to process because they do not overwork the machine. The speed during cutting thinner material is extremely faster and in a way it is cheaper.Read more.


Customers are important people in any business set up. Industries produce goods so that they can get consumers to their final products. The quality of the products produced by these thinner materials is good for customers because of the feedbacks they receive. Fiber laser that cut thinner materials have produced better products as to compare to other laser cutting machines like CO2 laser cutter machines. For productivity to be achieved the customers should be satisfied with quality of the products that are set for final consumption. Compared to thicker products, thinner materials are rated to be of the highest quality or standards. Consumers or customers of these products get total satisfaction hence manufacturers do not get lots of complains that touch on the quality of the thinner materials cut. What makes these fiber laser machine more preferred is the way it cuts the edges of these materials. 

Which Materials Are Not Suitable For Laser Engraving

Which Materials Are Not Suitable For Laser Engraving

If you own a hobby laser cutter, or engraver, it’s incredibly important to know the risks and dangers that come along with such a sophisticated (and expensive) machine.  In this article, we are going to be looking at which materials should not be considered for laser engraving.

Hobby Laser Engraving

            Hobby laser engraving and cutting has become a more popular practice, as CO2 laser machines are more available to the average consumer..  While still boasting a hefty price tag, if you have an interest in personalizing pieces of metal, owning one of these machines are within reason.  They are perfect for adding personalized logos or designs onto metal and wood.

What’s The Risk?

            Many materials are not fit for laser engraving because they give off harmful gas or dust.  These gasses can result in anything from mild skin irritation to life-threatening effects.  Use special precaution when engraving anything fire-retardant, as they often contain chromium.  The gas given off by chromium is a know carcinogen.  Always use your laser cutter in an open, well-ventilated area. Click here!

Unsure Of The Materials?

            If you are ever unsure about the materials in a piece you want to engrave, chances are there are a few places you can take it to for testing.  Doing a quick Google search of “metal testing” should bring up a few places.  Chances are if they’re not able to perform this service, they will know who can.  If this fails, try contacting the manufacturer of your laser cutter for extra information.

Unsafe Materials For CO2 Laser Machines

            The following is a partial list of materials that are not fit for laser engraving in regular circumstances.  Their effects range from minor to major, but none should be considered for use with your machine.  For more information, contact a company like Trotec, or a metal testing lab.

-Leather and Artificial Leather

-Carbon Fibers

-Polyvinyl Chloride

-Polyvinyl butyrale


-Beryllium oxide

-Any materials containing halogens, or epoxies


Similarly, caution should be used with the following materials, but they are not considered as dangerous as the previous list.








            Always exercise extreme caution when using a laser machine.  If you are ever the least bit unsure about the materials in a piece set for engraving, contact a professional for instruction or testing.  Furthermore, do not consider the above list as comprehensive.  For more information on the health effects of using a laser cutter on these materials, consult a WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System), or OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) certified resource. Learn more details at: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/benefits-laser-engraving-business-17264.html

Which CO2 Laser Tube Is Best – DC Or RF?

Which CO2 Laser Tube Is Best – DC Or RF?

Which CO2 laser tube are you going to invest in? When it comes the time to buy a new CO2 laser tube, a lot of people can get a bit puzzled over which way to turn. There are some who seem to think RF tubes are better and others who say DC is better. It’s all confusing because they are both compatible with CO2 laser machines! However, which is the better option – the DC or the RF?

Cutting Performance

The DC and RF tubes are both able to offer a high quality cut. DC offers a smoother edge while the RF offers a slightly rough edge to its cut, although it’s not too worrying. Cutting performance might not seem overly important but it does matter. In a way, the DC has a slight edge with cutting performance but the RF is still an amazing option. RF is able to offer precision and effectiveness and that is so important also. When choosing new tubing for a CO2 laser cutter you have to think about what’s better for your requirements?

Engraving and Precision

The RF laser tubes often offer greater precision when it comes to engraving and cutting. That doesn’t mean to say the DC is not still a great choice because it is; however, sometimes the precision and engraving might be slightly enhanced through the RF laser tube. You want a CO2 laser tube which is going to offer the best engraving possible if engraving is the reason why you’re using the machine. DC tubes are good too, but as said, the RF has a slight advantage when it comes to precision work and fine etching and engraving.

Will All Laser Machines Do The Same No Matter The Laser Tube?

A lot of people think if they choose the wrong laser they will make a mess of the projects they’re undertaking. While it might appear that way on the surface, it’s not actually the case. Remember, CO2 laser cutters can work with a variety of materials and handle lots of different etching and engraving work. That doesn’t mean to say the machine won’t work if you choose a RF tube over a DC. However, it’s advised that you find the laser tube which is best for your chosen machine and projects. A CO2 laser cutter with a RF tube might be better than the DC at this time. Click here for more information.

Find the Best

You want your laser machine to look its best from start to finish, and while you might think any laser tube will do, think again. You have to be very careful over which laser tube you’re going to purchase because you have a few options to consider. RF and DC are excellent tubes, but you have to decide which is the very best for your needs now. You might have used one before, but does that make it right now? Of course not, and it’s important to take a moment back and think about which will work better with your machine. Find the right CO2 laser tube and make your projects a piece of cake.…

Difference Between Fiber Laser and CO2 Laser

Difference Between Fiber Laser and CO2 Laser

Laser cutting technology is a mainstay in metal manufacturing and industrial applications. This computerized and highly accurate method works by focusing the output of the laser at the material to be worked on to give a high-quality surface finish. Industrial laser cutters are usually used to cut flat sheet and piping materials. Two types of lasers have been prominently used in the industry; these are fiber lasers and CO2 lasers. In this article, we would be looking at the differences between these two technologies so as to determine which one is right for you.

CO2 Laser

They are called CO2 lasers because the laser light is generated in the tube that contains carbon dioxide gas (CO2). Nitrogen gas is introduced in such a way that makes the nitrogen molecules to collide with the carbon dioxide. These collisions result in the release of photos of lights. A beam of collimated light with a wavelength of about 10 microns is produced by combining and magnifying them in a resonator. This goes far into the infrared spectrum and it makes it invisible and also very good for heating. This light is then directed to the cutting head by a system of galvanometers and mirrors.

Fiber Lasers

The beam of light is created the same way as described above by stimulating the emission of photons but without the gas. In this case, the light shines into any ytterbium doped fiber. This releases the photons just as the CO2 collisions do but the wavelength resulting from this is about 1 micron. A fiber delivery system is more common although galvos and mirrors could deliver the beam as you have with CO2.

Differences Between Fiber Lasers and CO2 Lasers

  • Space and Power

Fiber lasers eliminate gas with all its pumps and pipes which make them smaller than CO2 lasers of equal power. Also, the light generation process is more efficient with less energy being wasted as heat. This is the reason you need chillers for CO2 lasers but this is not the case with fiber lasers. This also means that more of the input energy can be converted to cutting energy with laser cutters.

  • Running Costs

In CO2 lasers, the gas can be consumed, unlike fiber lasers that do not need it. Also, fiber laser have a lower maintenance demand and higher efficiency, this makes them less expensive to run as compared to CO2 lasers. Click here.

  • Differences in Cutting

The ability of a laser machine of a laser machine is largely determined by the wavelength of light produced by the laser. A more tightly focused spot is produced by a shorter wavelength of fiber. This allows it to cut thinner materials much faster than with a CO2 laser. The speed difference diminishes as the material gets thicker with a fiber laser. For a steel that is thicker than about 1/4 inch, the CO2 laser is often a faster option. Also, the type of metal a laser can cut can also be affected by the wavelength. Brass, copper, and aluminum tend to absorb longer wavelength light lesser and reflect more. This is why CO2 lasers perform better in cutting materials with shiny surfaces.

Whatever the technology you choose to go for, it is important to consider the impact it is going to have on your downstream processes. That is, what effect is this technology going to add the flow of operations performed on the parts after they are cut?…

Laser-cutting vs plasma cutting

Laser-cutting vs plasma cutting

A handling strategy which accepts oxygen or nitrogen as working gas, make utilize ofhigh-temperature plasma circular segment warmth to soften and dissipate the entry point of the metal part and by methods for the energy of rapid plasma stream to expel liquid metal with a specific end goal to frame laser cutting.

Working guideline of the laser cutting machine:

The laser shaft which created by laser gadget transmitted through a progression of the reflector, at that point center around the workpiece surface by center focal point and delivers local warm at the point of convergence, to cause the problem area of the workpiece to dissolve or vaporize to frame an opening. In the meantime, the helper gas is utilized as a part of the removing procedure to blow the slag from the space lastly accomplish the reason for handling.

Plasma cutting is appropriate for cutting a wide range of metal materials. It is, for the most part, used to cut medium thickness plate. The favorable position is the quick cutting rate, limited cutting openings, little warmth influenced zone, little twisting, low activity cost. The inconvenience is that there is the O.5-1.5°angle at the vertical cross segment and solidifying entry point.

Laser slicing is essentially used to cut medium thin plate, and the cutting materials are in wide range (metal, non-metal, fired, glass, and so on). Since the laser has the qualities of high course, high shine,and high force, the laser cutting rate is quick, the machining exactness is high, and the cutting crease is exceptionally limited, and there is no requirement for resulting handling.


During the time spent cutting medium thick plate, it can accomplish high cutting pace, considerably higher than laser cutting and fire cutting. The underlying hardware speculation is lower than the laser, and the later upkeep cost is likewise much lower.


Poor oppositeness of cutting surface: in favor of the cutting surface there will be a huge angled front line, and the oppositeness will be poor. Create all the more cutting slag: the cutting slag will be delivered amid the cutting procedure at the base of the cutting surface. Altogether not to influence the nature of the post-process, this slag must be expelled by pounding, which additionally builds the Labor cost.

Create unsafe gases and bend light: the guideline of plasma cutting decides the destructive residue and circular segment light will be delivered amid the cutting procedure. Be that as it may, submerged plasma slicing is additionally been utilized to keep away from this imperfection. In the later period, it will expend all the more cutting spout, and the cost is high. Check here.

As per our past experience, laser cutting machine and plasma cutting

Machine is analyzed as takes after: The laser cutting machine does not harm the workpiece, while the plasma slicing machine has harm to the plate. Particularly amid the cutting procedure, when the light and spout of plasma cutting machine have issues, it will make clear deformities of the plate.


As far as cutting materials: laser-cut materials have a more extensive scope of decision than plasma cutting; regarding dainty sheet cutting, laser cutting has more evident points of interest; as far as M, plasma cutting is substantially less expensive than laser cutting.…

Co2 Laser Acerbic Machines Against Fiber Laser Acerbic Machine

Co2 Laser Acerbic Machines Against Fiber Laser Acerbic Machine

Both Co2 laser as well as the fiber laser, can still be used depending on the preferences of the customer. Based on the one you like, you can still plan to use it. You can choose to use the co2 laser cutter, thus giving you what you may wish to deal with. Some research has been done on which is the best technology to use. based on the findings, they show that fiber laser seems to have more benefits that the co2laser. The following are then some of the reasons why you can choose either of the machine to use.

  1. Higher electrical efficiency

Electricity is efficiently used, this thus helps you to incur less cost in running the machine. You will stand to save a lot when you are using the hobby laser. This will then give you a chance to incur quite less cash as you run your machine. This will be of importance to you when you have such given chance. You will realize how useful to use such device is as you utilize the electricity.

  1. Relatively high speed when you cut the thin material

It will also involve the use of the high speed which will tale less time to have your thin material to be cut down by use of the laser cutter. This will become to be very manageable as you take your work to be quite serious. You will also succeed to do all you may have planed with the machine you use when you are cutting don some thin machines. You will have to be on the safer side if you are suing the fiber laser, thus giving you all the aid you may prefer.

  1. Balance of both long serving breaks as well low serving costs

There is also the actual balance to all you may have to do with your machine. It can be quite manageable if you have the very best as you deal with what you need by yourself. It can be good if you can have all you need as you want the best serving. You will have to reduce all the cots you will spend to have yourself served. The machine will be quite usable, thus helping you more and more. You will be secure as you may be using the machine.

  1. Easy to cut reflective materials

When you need to get the reflective machine cut well, it can be very easy on your side. You will not have to serve in a way that you may require. To avoid difficulties when you want to have your materials cut into the sizes you need, plan to use either of the machines which is favorable for you. This will make your work quite easy with time as you will have to plan doing it with time. It can then be of great and best way when you organize yourself so well.

This kind of working will give you will you plan to get with time as you expect your machine to be.…

What Can Be Cut With A CO2 Laser?

What Can Be Cut With A CO2 Laser?

Are you thinking about buying a laser cutter? There are truly thousands who are looking to buy one of these tools, more so than ever before. For thousands, they really aren’t too sure whether this tool is really for them because they aren’t sure if the laser can only handle cutting certain things. So, what can a CO2 laser cutting machine cut? Read on to find out a little more about what materials the laser can handle today.

Acrylics and Cloth

What you might not be aware of is that it’s very much possible to cut and engrave with a CO2 laser cutter. A lot of people aren’t aware of that so it’s really quite impressive to know such things. You can absolutely engrave lots of things even acrylics and cloth. You wouldn’t have thought these materials would be engraved and cut with a laser cutting machine but they can. You can absolutely create something very special with your laser cutting machine. Acrylics are fantastic and materials that so many are working with today. That’s why more are choosing these materials than ever before.


Fibreglass is really quite a popular material and it does seem as though there are thousands now using this for a wide variety of everyday goods. The great thing about fibreglass is that you can easily engrave and cut through fibreglass. A laser cutter can easily handle this material and it’s certainly something which more and more are choosing on a daily basis also. You wouldn’t think people would use a lot of fibreglass but it’s far safer than a lot of other materials today.

Rubber and Wood

Cutting rubber and wood is now no longer a problem when it comes to using a CO2 laser cutter. There are lots of things for you to use with these materials and you are going to love them. What is more, wood veneer can be used with the cutting machine to get the right finish. It has never been easier to cut wood and wood veneer and it takes only a few minutes at best.

Engraving and Cutting

The great thing about a laser cutter is that you can easily use the tool to handle a wide variety of things such as cutting and engraving. You wouldn’t have thought you could do more than cut with the laser machines and yet you can. It has never been easier to engrave certain goods with a laser cutter. That is why there are now more and more choosing to use these machines than ever before. It’s great if you like to take on some crafts at home also. Learn more.

Use Your Laser Machine with Ease

Laser machines really have become highly popular over the course of the last few years and it’s simple to see why. When you use a laser machine you can cut with it as well as engrave with it and it’s really a neat little tool to get your hands on also. It has never been easier to use a laser cutting machine. A CO2 laser cutter has become a highly sought after tool.…

Etch an ID into Your Electronic Devices

The school bell has rung, the bus is running and our young ones are all getting settled into their new school semester.  They are all excited and looking forward with great anticipation to attend their new classes; when we take them to the school bus stop we look around at the other kids and examine how they are dressed and the things they are carrying.  There’s no way we want our kids to feel as if they look worse than those they will be spending their school hours with.  At the same time, we want them to have the feeling that they are somebody special, so we’ve gone out of our way to get them something that is uniquely theirs.  Kids love new devices that they can learn from.  One such device is the laser cutting machine.  You may need to wait until your child grows to a teen aged adult.  But, understand the value of education and laser cutters

One way to get them something they’ll be proud of is to get them a backpack or lunchbox that is decorated with something they have a personal attachment to (Star Wars, dinosaurs, amusement or theme parks, or emoji faces are a few that come to mind) but also has their name and identification engraved into it as the property owner.  You can have a unique design and name engraved on that lunch box or backpack you got them from The Children’s Place during the pre-school sale.  Get their belts engraved with their initials and nicknames.  And have them pick out the style of lettering they really would like to have on their t-shirts or on their backpacks for everyone else to see and admire.  Do you remember how proud you were when all your friends could spot you just from seeing your initials on your cap or shoulder bag?  Keep that in mind when you get your kids their school clothes; use a Groupon promo code to order the items from The Children’s Place.  It may even be a laser machine from Full Spectrum Laser…not a bad choice especially if you can get a discount.  See FSL reviews here.  Either way, no matter how many clothes and accessories your buy them, they’ll only wear one outfit at a time, so it’s not too late to buy them something new.  It’s better to buy them something they’ll use and appreciate in the long haul.  

Those kids who carry their electronic equipment back and forth to class also need to clearly mark their items.  Help them avoid a costly lesson by clearly identifying their gear with contact information, school and class if that’s age appropriate.   Etching ones’ initials and an owner registration is just one way to keep your hard-earned electronic devices and school supplies in the hands where they truly belongs.  See more reviews here:  http://www.sawmillcreek.org/showthread.php?222614-New-Camfive-CMA1200-Laser-Width-Question.  There will always be questions and doubts prior to buying but finding company reviews online can be of help and offer some stress relief.

Why Learning How to Laser Cut will Help your Children’s Development

Why Learning How to Laser Cut will Help your Children’s Development

Laser cutting will works through directing on the output of high-powered type of laser, by computer on the material that has to be cut. Materials of this kind can either melts, vaporizes burns or being blown away through a gas jet, leaving you an edge having a high-quality finish surface. Industrial laser cutters were being used to cut a flat sheet form of material and structural or piping materials. The laser cutting is known as technology that utilizes a laser in cutting the materials that is typically utilized for an industrial manufacturing process applications, thus it is also starting to be utilized by the different schools, hobbyists, and for small business ventures. view additional tips at http://www.karitokids.com/safety-tips-teach-kids-laser-cutter/

Laser cutting was known to be the manufacturing procedure, which could also eliminate our need for such machining on different engineering jobs, which will enable you in saving money on the side of manufacturing costs.

Nowadays, with the use of the laser cutting tools, we can create robots that can help our children to learn and aid fast development in school. When we talk about robots, it pertains to giant machines which build cars as well as Hollywood arts and creations, which were impossible to become real. Robots are said to be in our day-to-day lives in several ways, from the toys for our kids to the chairs we sit in! Today, our educators use robots and other robotics in teaching their students scientifically.  You can find laser companies online and I would suggest getting feedback from buyers.  You can find forums too.  Here is CAMfive review as well.  Many other companies like Epilog or Trotec are good but expensive options.

Robots made through using laser cutter machine can teach our children in the following fields:


Math. Math is known as a difficult subject for most of our children, especially if it begins to make an expanding outside of what is the basic concepts. As of today, the learning centers as well as the schools in most countries had been looking to produce robotics in order to help teach the students basic and advanced mathematics. checkout latest blog post for more updates.

Science: Science is at the heart of all robotics. It focuses mainly in studying our universe, both the physical and the natural, as well as robots are there in helping us to understand it deeply better than before. The NASA’s Mars event’s rover Curiosity, was designed for exploration, which sends back information from the planet which scientists here on Earth wouldn’t have been able to collect it otherwise.

laser machine

Programming: Computer programming as well as coding are the most commonly used by adults but probably the furthest thing from our children’s minds, but these are just concepts that have become increasingly more important. Computers already play great part in our daily lives and continues to develop and grow. Robots made from using laser machines for children are being designed just to be simpler and this simplicity continues and extends to the field of programming.  I just want to make sure to take time here to make sure that you stress safety.  Whatever we do we can’t rely soley on electronics, computers, or preventative mechanisms alone.  We have to use common sense.  As an example of safety with laser cutters check out this forum thread of full spectrum laser review.  Even a reputable company needs to make safety a strong priority.  Especially if kids will be using the machines.


Engineering: Engineers can build everything from every cars to cities by using laser cutters and children can learn a great deal about how the world of engineering works through robotics. Helping our child to build their future with the aid of robots, will give them to an understanding of the solid concepts, designs the functions of engineering for our lives, as well as providing fun and enjoyable—an exciting reward from lessons regarding the uses of a robot.  Check out Boss Laser’s cutting machines and discounts they offer for educational institutions.…